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electric strike systemsThe simplest form of strike door systems permits easy access with the press of a button and ensures the door will close and lock again. As demands get higher, the technology of the electric strike system gets more sophisticated. Our knowledge of these systems is sophisticated as well. We are aware of the importance for great security at prisons and banks and the value of such systems in residential apartments. Access Control Vaughan has chosen to employ some of the greatest specialists in Ontario and can assure every one of you that the services of its technicians will ensure perfect strike system operation. 

Great electric door strike intercom system installation

Our excellent electric strike system service is the means for your security. Strike systems are particular since in opposition to plain strike plates, the strike mechanism is released automatically upon your command. The door opens and then closes back and it must lock. It’s a great way for convenient access control. The person identified and approved enters and security is guaranteed as the door locks back on its own. In most cases, people prefer the installation of an electric door strike intercom system. This increases security and let people have greater control. 

It is the job of our technicians to install the Electric Strike System in Vaughan with perfection whether it is combined with intercom phone systems or not. Rest assured that we have excellent skills, experience and are tremendously careful when we install such systems. We follow all requirements and make sure it works in perfection.

We back you up with immediate electric strike system repair

Every Vaughan Electric Strike System is particular in terms of its brand, capacities and characteristics. Our experience with all of them is ensured. We are all familiar with the latest equipment and are interested to install your electric door strike system accurately. Our technicians back up all clients in Vaughan with immediate services should anything goes wrong over years of use. We are available for the maintenance of the system and have the capacity to replace parts or the entire strike system and make the right repairs in order to ensure convenience and security.

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