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At Access Control Vaughan, we simply provide high quality services for anyone in need of access control, security, or anything in between. We provide our customers with an easy and affordable solution for access control, especially when it comes to a telephone entry system.Telephone Entry Systems

These cool little gadgets can be installed and interfaced with your front gate to restrict access at the main entrance of your property, as well as on any door in your home. They are wired directly to your existing phone line, and allow visitors to use an easy to understand interface panel to gain entry to your property. That’s just one way it works, of course. The main draw point of telephone entry systems is that with some models, you can call your telephone entry system from any phone to unlock or lock it.

Telephone Entry with Camera

Some systems may be installed with a camera for added security, and they are known as telephone entry system with camera setups. This is useful if you really want to feel secure, or perhaps for the person who is a little extra paranoid. All jokes aside – it’s a great system to have for your home.

We provide only the best telephone entry systems for our customers whether you’re in a residential or commercial environment. We provide professional telephone entry system installation as well as electric strike system repair and replacement services. You can’t go wrong when you choose the professionals at Vaughan Access Control.

Even More Gadgets

No electric door strike system would be complete without an electric door strike intercom system to accompany it. We will install them all at a very reasonable price. Our expert offer electric strike system service you can trust.

All of our telephone entry systems in Vaughan are installed with precision and tact to ensure the best possible results. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and you’ll notice that first thing. Give us a call today to ask about our great deals!

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